NI4CE regional linked repeater system

Daily Nets

The West Central Florida Group runs NI4CE as a common carrier, meaning that none of the nets on our system are run by our group. To read full details about the nets on our system, you can visit the organization that sponsors and manages the net in question by clicking on the net name if a detailed webpage exists explaining the net below.

NWS Skywarn NET 


Tech NET

  Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
9:00 AM             QCWA NET
7:00 PM     WCF Section
Information NET
7:30 PM   WCF ARRL
7:30 PM        NXDN NET*      
8:30 PM Eagle NTS NET Eagle NTS NET Eagle NTS NET Eagle NTS NET Eagle NTS NET Eagle NTS NET Eagle NTS NET
9:00 PM     NWS Skywarn NET   WCF ARRL
Tech NET

* The NXDN NET is only on the four NXDN Repeaters

The West Central Florida Group, Inc. and NI4CE is committed to providing the repeater infrastructure needed to keep Amateur Radio growing in the 21st Century.

Our organization is proud to help serve the needs of local hams and organizations in the area. If you or an organization you are affiliated with is interested in starting a net on our system, just contact us!

NI4CE Net Policy

The West Central Florida Group, Inc. operates the NI4CE Repeater System in the Amateur Radio Service to promote the advancement of Amateur Radio and emergency communications in West Central Florida.To accomplish this mission, the Board of Directors shall authorize the operation of formal Nets. These Nets will meet the following criteria:

  • Promote and advance the art of wireless communications within the Amateur Radio Service
  • Promote and advance emergency communications in support of the general West Central Florida community
  • Provide training and skills enhancement for Amateur Radio operators on radio equipment operation, communications practices and topics related to emergency communications
  • Provide a forum for communications-related experimentation and innovation
  • Support special events that enhance the quality of life and well being in the communities NI4CE serves.

Requests to organize and operate a formal Net on NI4CE will be submitted in writing to the Board of Directors and NI4CE Trustee. Each Net must be sponsored by a licensed Amateur Radio operator or recognized Amateur Radio organization. The West Central Florida Group, Inc. reserves the right to decline any request for Net operations and to suspend any Net operations that do not meet the criteria outlined above or violate CFR 47-Part 97 Amateur Radio Service regulations.