NI4CE regional linked repeater system


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6 GHz Wi-Fi – Wi-Fi Calling – Amateur Radio HOTSPOTS

A Whole Lotta Noise Goin’ On

Amateur Radio: Essential Or Non-essential

Amateur Radio Infrastructure – Part 1

Amateur Radio Infrastructure – Part 2

America’s (And Your Personal) Energy Challenge

And Just When You Thought It Was Safe

Antenna Polarization Options

A Funny Thing Happened

A Good Day To Be A Ham

A Little Perspective

A Look Back And A Look Ahead

A New Year – A Time For Change

APRS – A Practical Application

Are You Prepared?

Are We Becoming “Closet Hams” – Part 1?

Are We Becoming “Closet Hams” – Part 2″?


Basic Emergency Preparedness

Being In The Right Place(s)


Can You Really Share Spectrum?

Can We Fix This?

Can We Make It Better?

Change Is Coming

Coming For Your Money

Common Denominators

Communications Options For Hurricane Season

Community Support


Contrast And Compare

CRUNCH! – The Supply Chain Crisis

Digital Ham Radio

Disaster Traffic

Distracted Driving

Email Address – A Proposed FCC Requirement

Empirical Evidence

Getting Ready For The Next Storm

Getting Started

Ham Radio Irony

Ham Radio: The Cure For Social Distancing

Ham Radio and the Coronavirus

Ham Radio and the Internet

Hats Off to the VEs

Here Comes The “Aesthetics Brigade” – The Fight Over 5G

Here Comes Real Climate Change

How Far We’ve Come

I’m Just Asking…

Is Amateur Radio Under Fire?

Is Amateur Radio Under Fire? – Part 2

Is It Really “Ham Radio”?

Is It Really Just In Time?

Is Public Radio Shaping Amateur Radio?

Is This Really “Ham Radio”?

It’s All About The Benjamins

It’s Back – Pasco NXDN

It’s Snowbird Season

Is There A Future For Ham Radio?

Just Because You Can Hear It

Kinks In The Armor

Litmus Tests

Looking Back, Looking Forward

Making The Case

More 2020 Machinations

More on Hotspots


Narrowbanding Ham Radio – Part 1

Narrowbanding Ham Radio – Part 2

New Decade, New Tech

NI4CE And Broadcastify

NXDN (Almost) Everywhere: Increase coverage with Hotspots – Part 1

NXDN (Almost) Everywhere: Increase coverage with Hotspots – Part 2

NXDN (Almost) Everywhere: Increase coverage with Hotspots – Part 3

NXDN (Almost) Everywhere: Increase coverage with Hotspots – Part 4

NXDN Ham Radio: It’s All About Choices

Our Commitment To Excellence


Putting Things In Perspective

Radio … By The Numbers

Remote Amateur Radio Testing


Responding To The Disaster


Some New Connections

Stayin’ Alive

The Act of Communication

The Case For A Strong Amateur Radio

The Challenges of Spring

The Circle of Life

The Cost of Freedom

The Cost of Ham Radio – Part 1

The Cost of Ham Radio – Part 2

The Expectation Of Privacy: Does It Really Exist?

The Ham Radio Trifecta

The Importance of Digital Radio

The Importance of Standards

The Ham Radio Repeater (Part 1)

The Ham Radio Repeater (Part 2)

The Last Mile Or The Extra Mile

The “Mobile Now” Act

The Power of APRS

Transmission System By The Numbers

Twenty Years

The Undiscovered Country

You Don’t Have To Be Visually Impaired To Be Visually Challended

Your First Radio (Part 1)

Your First Radio (Part 2)

Your First Radio (Part 3)

Your First Radio (Part 4)

Your First Radio (Part 5)

What is PM and Why Is It Important?

When The Electrons Stop Flowing

Where Are The Answers?

Whose Spectrum Is It Anyway?

Wish List

Why NI4CE Operates NXDN Repeaters

Why SKYWARN Is Important

Word Salad

Worst Case Scenario