NI4CE regional linked repeater system

Digital Communications

  • In addition to our expansive Linked Analog Repeater Network, the West Central Florida Group, Inc. operates NXDN Digital Repeaters on
    444.425 MHz (+) RAN-1 from our Riverview site in Hillsborough County and 444.3125 MHz (+) RAN-1 from our Verna site. These repeaters provides continuous local NXDN digital voice and data services to Hams in the TampaBay Metro area. Our NXDN repeaters are also connected to the growing NXDN WorldWide network that includes repeaters in Orlando, Tallahassee, Jacksonville and Palm Coast, FL.

Operators using Talkgroup 1200 will be able access all three repeaters simultaneously.  Operators using Talkgroup 65000 will have access to the NXDN-Worldwide Network that currently connect over forty repeater in North America.

The NI4CE Digital network is compatible with ICOM IDAS™ and Kenwood NEXedge™ portable and mobile radios. These radios operate with one-fourth the bandwidth of a conventional, analog Amateur Radio transceiver but with clarity that analog transceivers cannot match.

We invite you to explore the advantages and benefits of NXDN digital communications. To help you get started, the West Central Florida Group, Inc. has set-up a NI4CE-NXDN-Users group on Google. To join the group, send your email address to You will find help programming your radio, and understanding the many features of NXDN radios so you can get the most from your NXDN radio.
Inner yellow circle is 5 watt hand held HT coverage inside a building. Your results may vary. Outer circle is 50 watt mobile coverage.