NI4CE regional linked repeater system


By Paul Toth-NB9X

Every profession, every hobby seems to come with its own set of litmus tests as a means of measuring a person’s commitment to and competence with the endeavor.  Ham Radio has had a number of these “qualifiers” over the years, some which newly licensed Hams probably never experienced.

There was a time when you could not earn a U.S. Amateur Radio license without passing a Morse Code test.  Even an entry-level Technician Class licensee had to pass a five word per minute proficiency test to get on the air.  If you wanted to upgrade to a General Class license, the requirement was success with a thirteen word Morse Code exam.  And Amateur Extra candidates had to score a passing grade on a twenty word per minute code test to earn the top ticket. (..more..)

By Paul Toth-NB9X

When the first NI4CE repeater went on the air in 2001, it was a Wide Band FM Analog repeater. Fast forward almost eighteen years. The actual repeater is a different make and model. But it still operates in WBFM analog mode as do the other five NI4CE analog repeaters.

But in the eighteen years that NI4CE has been on the air a lot of other things have changed and changed dramatically. For example, cell phones are now digital. The major cellular providers all operate high speed LTE-based wireless data networks that allow you to take a hand held computing device (your cell phone or tablet) to surf the Internet, send and receive email, shop online and much more. (..more..)

By Paul Toth-NB9X

Well, I figured there would be some reaction to my last article on the use of HotSpots to support Amateur Radio Digital Communications activity.  But by some of the reaction I received, you would have thought I was suggesting the abolition of Amateur Radio.

“How dare you criticize my use of a HotSpot?” wrote one commenter.  Another commented “If I want to build and use a HotSpot, I am going to do it.  After all, this is Ham Radio where experimentation is perfectly OK.” (..more..)

By Paul Toth-NB9X

I am sure I am going to take some flak for what I am about to say.  And I am sure some people are going to think I am just an “old fuddy-duddy”. But I need to get this off my chest!

Ham Radio has been something special, something worth taking the time to earn an FCC license for.   It has enabled license holders to experiment, communicate with other Hams, even help out during emergencies on RF spectrum reserved for us.  All we needed to do was come up with the necessary radio equipment and the time..” (..more..)


Ed Allen – WA4ISB (seated) retired after 18 years with Cox Media Group on May 31, 2018.  Ed has been in the broadcast business for 51 years. An informal retirement lunch was hosted at Cox.  Ed Allen is a founding member of the WCFG Board of Directors.  Also shown behind Ed (left to right) are current and former WCFG Board members Bill Pfost – N4APG, Roz Clark – WA4YNF , Paul Knupke – N4PK, and Larry Gispert – KR4X.

By Paul Toth-NB9X

It seems like yesterday that we were dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Irma and two or three other lesser storms here on the Florida Peninsula. June 1st marks the official start of the 2018 Hurricane Season. And wouldn’t you know, it looks like Mother Nature is going to jump the gun and start a little early.

We can’t stop Tropical Storms and Hurricanes from occurring. In fact, these storms do serve an extremely useful purpose, venting the heat and energy received from the sun into the Earth’s upper atmosphere.

But, we can prepare for whatever these storms will throw at us and life after these storms have passed. Click on this link for a copy of the NI4CE Disaster Preparedness Checklist. It offers tips and suggestions on how you can be ready for a storm or any type of disaster. Monitor NI4CE for the latest information and to report storm activity to the National Weather Service.

The NI4CE Repeater System will, again in 2018, be your SKYWARN conduit. We are working hard to make sure the entire system is operational for severe weather and will remain up during and after the storm.


WCFG participated at the St. Pete Beach Hurricane Expo on May 12th at the St. Pete Beach Community Center.  Pictured (left to right) are Paul Toth – NB9X, Dave Rockwell, W4PXE, Larry Gispert – KR4X, and Paul Knupke – N4PK.

A new feature is added to this website.  A list of NXDN repeaters that are hosted on the FL-ICOM Gateway in Orlando, FL is under the NXDN navigation menu.

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A new LINKING Antenna is now operational at the NI4CE Holiday repeater site. Located at the ninety foot level of the main tower, this antenna will improve the quality of the link between Holiday and the main NI4CE LINK site. The improvement will also provide a redundant path to the backup LINK site should that be necessary.

This is just another example of how we are making the NI4CE Repeater System more reliable.

By Paul Toth-NB9X

There is a belief that as you get older, time goes by at a much faster rate. Of course, there is no truth to this belief as time passes at a constant rate. It just seems more fleeting.

I guess it all depends on your perspective and the events of the day. Take September 2017, for example as Hurricane Irma approached the Florida Peninsula it seemed there just wasn’t enough time to take care of all those last minute storm preparations. Then Irma made landfall and we anticipated the worst while hoping for the best. As the worst of the storm approached, it seemed Irma and time could not fly by fast enough. It only got worse as we began picking up the pieces in the days following as we wondered when power would be restored and when the incessant drone of all those generators would cease.

It’s been three and a half months since Irma, Harvey, and Maria. For some, the task of rebuilding is still front and center, particularly in Puerto Rico. For the rest of us, hurricane season is in the rearview mirror and our attention has hopefully turned to things a bit more mundane. We will go through the next few months in relative peace (we hope), still amazed at how fast the last twelve months passed.

We can’t spend too much time trying to figure out where 2017 went because 2018 will bring with it a whole new set of challenges. And, if we are up to it, we will have 31,536,000 seconds (give or take) to adapt to change, troubleshoot what we discover but don’t understand, revel in and enjoy our successes and learn from our mistakes. If we are lucky, boredom will be around just long enough to motivate us to succeed in our next challenge. If we are smart, we will take time to enjoy our lifestyle, our family, our surroundings and a little Ham Radio. And hopefully, we won’t waste time chasing windmills or the political nonsense that permeated the last twelve months. And when a new Hurricane Season comes around in June, we will have taken the necessary steps to weather whatever Mother Nature has in store for us.

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Best wishes for a Happy New Year! And may 2018 be a banner year for Ham Radio!

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The new NXDN Repeater in New Port Richie in Pasco County on 442.650 MHz (+) RAN-1 is on the air. The new NXDN repeater is linked full time with the NI4CE NXDN repeaters at Riverview and Verna and has been tested thanks to N4PK and WA4ISB.

NXDN users are encouraged to participate in the new weekly NXDN NET at 8:00 PM on Wednesdays. The NXDN NET is only on the three NXDN repeaters.

By Paul Toth-NB9X

If you have forty dollars or so invested in a radio, you probably consider it a “disposable appliance”. In the accounting world, it would be considered an “expense item” rather than a more expensive “capital investment”. Nevertheless, you are going to want to continue reading because what I am about to share with you is important. Now, if you have made a more substantial investment into your radio, you want to do everything you can to protect and optimize your investment.  (..more..)

By Paul Toth-NB9X

Amateur Radio was the great proving ground for many of the communications devices that ultimately ended up in the hands of the masses. In fact, the whole concept of portable, go anywhere two-way radios was a staple in Amateur Radio long before the cell phone came along.  But in the mid-1980s, cellular communications devices and infrastructure made their way to the marketplace. Early cell devices were big, bulky and heavy.   (..more..)

By Paul Toth-NB9X

As we continue to pick up the pieces from this year’s spate of intense and destructive tropical cyclones, there are questions about what worked (and why) and what did not work (and hopefully, why). Were our expectations high enough? Was our vision broad enough? Did we individually and collectively have a realistic view of how to prepare, how to response and, so to speak, weather the storm?    (..more..)

By Dave Rockwell-W4PXE

Lots of hams on NI4CE wanted to help during Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria. After all, many of us became radio amateurs to become public service operators in the Amateur Radio Emergency Services (ARES). There were questions every night on Eagle Net about how to get health and welfare (H&W) traffic into first Texas, then the Caribbean, and, after Maria, into Puerto Rico.   (..more..)


The effort to put a new NI4CE Repeater on the air in St. Petersburg is on hold. New ownership of the site for the proposed repeater rejected the West Central Florida Group’s proposal to operate the repeater from that site. So, at least for now, our hopes of having a renewed presence in Pinellas County to better serve the Amateur Radio community are on hold.

We would like to thank those who generously stepped up to help underwrite this project. We will be contacting shortly about your contribution.

More pertinent articles about Amateur Radio and Repeaters are located under the Articles navigation tab.


One or more websites may be intermittently streaming the NI4CE repeater system audio. None of these sites are affiliated with the West Central Florida Group, Inc. or our website. The West Central Florida Group, Inc. has not authorized these streaming websites and has no control over the content or quality of the product being streamed.


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Fox News ran a story recently about how charitable giving is not getting to the charities to which people are donating.  The cost of call centers, contractors, salaries, etc. are taking a BIG BITE out of the apple with sometimes little of the contribution going to the intended use. 

ALL of your contributions received by the West Central Florida Group, Inc.  are used to operate the NI4CE Repeater System and APRS Network.  The Board of Directors are 100% volunteers.  Your contributions get the most “bang for the buck”.

NI4CE Operating Code

The NI4CE Repeater System provides all licensed West Central Florida Amateur Radio operators with a “regional” communications resource to advance Amateur Radio commitment to public service and encourage fellowship among all operators.

The NI4CE System serves all or parts of fourteen counties.  It is a shared communications resource for the over twenty thousand Amateur Radio licensees who live here and the hundreds of visitors who join us annually.  When using the NI4CE System, the West Central Florida Group, Inc. asks you to:

• Keep your transmissions as brief and to the point as possible.  Please keep the Total Run Time for each QSO to ten minutes or less.  Remember, there are many other operators waiting to use the repeaters.
• Please leave pauses between transmissions, particularly when there is weather in the region that may be severe.
• Please observe FCC Part 97 Rules at all times, particularly the provisions of 97.113.
• Transmit power in Florida is limited to 50 watts in Florida.
• Please turn off special features including WIRES and other “sounders” that may delay your communications.  Kerchunking is frowned on.
• Observe the “Golden Rule”.  Common sense, courtesy and respect is contagious!

If you have a NXDN Digital Radio, Talkgroup 65000 can be used to connect to the NXDN Worldwide Network.



Here is the information the National Weather Service is most interested in knowing during any SKYWarn ACTIVATION ON on the NI4CE Repeater System:

  • Winds of 35 MPH or higher
  • Rainfall of two inches or more in an hour
  • Flooding
  • Hail of any size
  • Tornadoes
  • Weather caused damage
  • Street closures

During Tropical Weather Events, Barometric Pressure data is also helpful.

Keep reports SHORT AND CONCISE. During bad weather, repeater time is valuable. Think about what you are going to say before you say it. Avoid unnecessary comments and verbiage.

It is requested that you NOT report non-severe weather, such as “It’s cloudy with light rain” or “the rain is letting up here”. The National Weather Service has radar and knows where it’s not raining. Reports such as this tie up valuable repeater time.

When reporting severe weather activity, please provide your Amateur Radio Callsign, your National Weather Service SKYWARN ID (if you have one), the location of your report and an approximate time of the severe weather event (if other than NOW).

Please turn off any “Roger Beeps”, “WIRES” signaling or the use of DTMF tones as they will interfere with your report.


The Real Cost Of A Repeater System

Here is a cold, hard fact.  Amateur Radio and Ham Radio Repeaters are not FREE!

Consider the following:

  • Tower or building top space for the average Amateur Radio repeater is worth approximately $1,500.00 per month.  The cost of tower space on tall Broadcast towers is even more.
  • Commercial-grade Repeaters, RF Amplifiers, DC Power Supplies, Duplexers, Antennas and transmission line are expensive.  How much?  A new repeater can cost $2,000 or more.  Commercial-grade RF Amplifiers can run $1,400.00 or more.  A set of duplexers can cost as much as $3,000.00.  A commercial-grade antenna built to withstand winds of 130 MPH can cost as much as $2,500.00.  7/8” hard line cable can cost up to $9.00 per foot plus connectors (up to $100.00 each) plus installation.
  • Even though many Amateur Radio repeaters lie dormant for extended periods of time, they must be built for a one hundred percent duty cycle to withstand the impact of extended operating time when they are in use.
  • An Amateur Radio presence on a “commercial” or broadcast tower requires multi-million dollar Liability Insurance coverage that can cost the repeater owner $2,500.00 per year or more.  This is a direct, out of pocket expense.
  • A tower crew to install an antenna and transmission line on a three hundred foot commercial tower can easily cost $4,000.00.

The West Central Florida Group, Inc. operates the NI4CE Repeater System to enable the Amateur Radio community to be connected and pro-active when severe weather threatens, Health and Welfare messages need to be passed or whenever the West Central Florida community needs our support.  Our IRS 501(c)(3) charitable status enables our corporate partners including Cox Media Group Inc., iHeart Media, Vertical Bridge and others,  to donate tower space and the use of ground facilities to house the repeater equipment.  That provides significant financial relief.  All other capital and operating expenses require cold, hard cash.  Operating an Amateur Radio repeater, much less a five site, eight repeater system is not FREE!

or use PayPal


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